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Neville Goddard techniques: Lottery Winning

A few of you here may know that for a good year and a half, or maybe more now, i’ve been concentrating on the goal of manifesting a large sum of money. Not very original I know - but this chosen objective was for various reasons; It was partly an experimental one to see if these works actually worked, and partly to alleviate myself from the financial predicament of my evergrowing bank/student debts - which I could no longer ignore. And okay, I’ll admit it, I just wanted to be filthy rich too! Not very spiritual I know. *laughs* At the start of this intense meditaton period I wanted to keep myself open to all possible avenues to abundance. I just concentrated generally on the state of being wealthy and didn't concern myself too much with the scource that it would arrive from. I just tried to keep a wealthy posivitve mental state which I found quite easy to do for a week or so. I then purchased one of those hand-held, mechanical tally counter which sports people use. I carried it around with me constantly, just clicking it throughout the day whenever I thought about the state of wealth. I did this for about four months, trying to increase the number of 'wealth clicks’ per day. Results fluctuated quite drastically. On some days I managed to reach 300 clicks, and on the following I only achivied fifteen. But overall I believe this simple mental excercise locked me into a positive aggregate feeling of wealth. More importantly, perhaps, it also limited the mental space for negative thoughts and feelings to seep into. A little later I purchased and borrowed various hypnotherapy CDs. Never been a great one for that sort of thing, but I didn't see what halm they could do and would do. A particular favourite were the Wendi Friesen Abundance CDs which I borrowed from a very close friend.As I felt myself entering this new general state I decided to make my visualising sessions more specific. Again, not very original I know, but I found myself facilably drawn to the UK’s national lottery. You know what’s coming next, don’t you? *laughs* This time I mentally Imagined myself winning the jackpot. I honed in on the state by doing various rituals that would crank up the emotions needed, because as i’ve stated previously on this forum, sitting still and calmy meditating in the state akin to sleep was for me always prohibitive in reaching the prescribed emotional requirments. At one stage I even physically ran around my living room clutching an out of date ticket, pretending family members were around me also celebrating, just to fire myself up. Here are a few other things I did - I tired to block out the randomness of the lottery and what I felt at the time were the absurd odds of actually winning and choosing this as a goal. I just concentrated on the feeling of being in possession of a winning ticket. I also purchased the book Living On The Lottery, by The Beatles' offical biographer Hunter Davis, which followed the ups and downs etc, of twenty or so Lottery winners. This book was unintentionally a good insite into the divine workings of the human Imagination. For instance, most of the winners claimed they instinctively knew that they would win. There was even one testimony by a twice divorced, down on his luck chap who claimed he used to go to bed everynight Imagining what he’d do if he actually won the lottery. I took a small break to the US, which at the time I couldn’t really afford, but I did it to expand my feeling paramiters and to also cultivate a sense of limits and distance collapsing. Something I felt would be an integral part of the state of being wealthy. I purchased and watched the film Brewster’s Millions, Gawd knows how many times!? Instead of taking cigarette breaks at work (by this time I had given up anyway) I’d lock myself into a toilet cubical just to take a few minutes to visualise myself winning. Again, I wasn’t always successful, but these small Imaginings all contributed in building the positive inertia that moved me towards that state of inner certainty - an integral part of gaining instant financial wealth. Well, I could go on with other bizarre rituals I performed, but I’m sure you get the general idea now. So, on Friday 27th of October, 2006 I went to my local newsagents to purchase £30 ($56) worth of Euro lottery tickets - all lucky dips. And on that same evening one of those tickets matched five numbers and one of the two required bonus balls - winning me £108,000 (roughly $190,000 US) (I hadn’t realised I won until I checked my numbers two weeks later, btw) ‘Imagine The Best You Know!’ Jeff Harrison, England.


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